Wede is in Comporta!

Are you looking for a delivery company in Comporta? Meet Wede!

Wede, the delivery company, is already in Comporta. Thus, it becomes easier to receive products at home, quickly: the food arrives delicious, and the delivery person with a smile on his face.

Premium Chef at Home service

In addition to the delivery service, Wede innovates in the area in which it operates, being the first company of its kind to offer the Chef service at home. A premium “delivery”, for customers who want exclusivity and refinement in their private events.

Delivery company in Comporta – how to register with Wede?

Registering on Wede is easy: just download the application and fill in the registration fields. From then on, you can be a customer, order and take advantage of the discount that the app is offering. When this news was released, the app offered, in the case of orders from restaurants, a 10% discount on the total amount. Eat well at home and still get a discount: 5 stars.

Wede, a company that contributes to the economy of the region

Wede allows restaurants in the region to make more sales. Users save time and do not have to travel to the restaurant. And it creates flexible opportunities for employment / extra income for people in the region, such as couriers.

Wede’s bet is to offer this service in the interior of the country, helping to enhance the region, through a service known by many of the tourists who visit our country: receiving an order at home.

Payment in Cryptocurrencies

Wede will allow payments in Cryptocurrencies: so, if you have bitcoins, and don’t want to exchange them for euros, you can always pay for your meal with cryptocurrencies.

So you already know: if you are looking for a delivery company in Comporta, Wede is the right choice.

Meet Wede

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