WEDE is a company that operates in several business areas.

  • Logistics, with the delivery service
  • Event organization
  • Sale of products, such as transport bags and sweatshirts

Your city, your source of income

Be part of this business model and become a WEDE franchisee in your city.

Coordinate your own business and manage your area of residence.

What do we offer our franchisees?

  • Be part of a rapidly growing brand with ever-increasing geographic coverage
  • A ready-to-sell business with the ability to quickly earn a return
  • Advice, based on our experience, in order to increase the probability of greater profitability
  • Attractive commissions for franchisees
  • Low investment value for brand usage
  • Support materials and tools

What do we expect from our franchisees?

  • Ability to expand the business in its area of activity, according to defined objectives.
  • Ability to negotiate with potential customers (restaurants, supermarkets, stores, private customers, etc.)
  • Logistics Management Capacity in the area where they are located

Wanted Profile

  • People with a keen commercial spirit
  • Who want to have their own business
  • Have people management skills
  • Who have a strong analytical capacity to contribute with business insights that contribute to obtain competitive advantages and make the brand even stronger

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