WEDE brings you the opportunity to have Chef Zurath in your home. With more than 22 years of experience and a long international journey, he continues to study the history of cuisine and its flavors.

What Chef Zurath says:

“During my years in Hong Kong, I owned and operated under ISO STANDARD KITCHEN (ISO 22000/16) which has graduated nearly 250 culinary schools.

I had the opportunity to integrate culinary programs for corporate clients, kitchen services for airlines and catering services for weddings, cocktail parties and large hotel chains.

I recently arrived in Portugal from Hong Kong and I want to continue my journey through the world of cuisine in this country, which is now also my home.”

While in Hong Kong, he was known as the “Magic Chef of Hong Kong”, for showing and applying his skills in preparing a wide variety of dishes and daily menus for school programs and other corporate programs.

As a Celebrity Chef, services included training and menu development for several restaurants and, in turn, began to be asked numerous times for Chef services at home.

Being a professional Chef, his culinary skills span different regions of the world. According to Chef Zurath, each cooking style has to be carefully studied and the dishes are created to please everyone who has the opportunity to taste their delicacies. He was also the only Chef from Southeast Asia to be known for Parsi Cuisine from India as well as Persian Cuisine.

He studied and learned the cuisine of the Middle East, North Africa, among other regions of this wonderful continent.

During the years he lived in Hong Kong, he studied Chinese and Eastern cuisine in depth, feeling comfortable preparing meals from all these regions.

He was recently accepted into the prestigious World Chefs Association Societies, in Paris, as a member of the organization.

In 2021, he was accepted by the American Culinary Federation being one of the few Chefs from outside the United States to qualify.

He is currently looking for the 3rd certification in the World Master Chef of “The World Chefs Association” in England and hopes that this achievement will be completed soon.

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