WEDE brings you the opportunity to have Chef Sérgio in your home. The program includes a complete explanation of each Sushi design process and a journey through the flavors of Japan. Specialized in Japanese food, Chef Sérgio has owned a restaurant in Reguengos de Monsaraz – Portugal since 2016.

What Chef Sérgio says:

“Flexibility and total adaptation to customer preferences. I offer a real Japanese food experience in the comfort of your home. Innovation, respect for the customer and for food are my motto, I prefer to work with recyclable materials, normally supplied by WEDE and myself. We use bamboo tools and typical appointments to make the environment really special and unique”. In a service like “Chef em Casa”, the program lasts around 5 hours, from preparation to the end of the meal.

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    Our suggestion for 10 people

    Suggestions and type of fish:

    • SALMON
    • ROBAL
    • TUNA
    • SHRIMP

    How we do

    Chef Sérgio will cook for about 5 hours between preparation and the meal.

    Fish preparation with detailed explanation of all processes during the meal, as well as cutting.

    Tasting different parts of the fish.

    what we need to know

    We need to know if you have any food intolerances such as allergies and other preferences to make your meal memorable.

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