WEDE brings you the vision of a group of Chefs who created a unique and unparalleled gastronomic experience, divided into Tasting Menus with wine pairing distributed in 3 categories, which as they say in good Portuguese “completely out of the box. ”

The different programs focus on Alentejo and Comporta, Portugal and its customs, as well as the footprint that Portugal leaves in the world with its flavors and fusion of very unique aromas.

What makes Premium Chef’s Services unique?

The gastronomic experiences are divided into three different categories that mark the word “tradition”. Being a premium service that is based on the flavors of the land and its customs, the offers vary within their concept, seeking out and bringing you the freshness of daily products, whether from the sea or the countryside.

All of our menus are prepared daily to ensure maximum freshness and reduce food waste.

We customize each menu only if there are intolerances or specific diets. We just need you to let us know in advance to ensure the best possible experience.

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    ``Portugal`` comfort experience

    The typical meal of a Portuguese family with its customs and traditions from north to south reaching the islands. Full menu including Portuguese wines and natural juices.

    Comfort experience ``Alentejo``

    This menu consists of starters, a fish or meat dish and dessert, respecting the gastronomic recipes of the last 3 generations of an Alentejo family, that is, grandmother’s food.

    Complete menu that includes Alentejo wines and natural juices.

    Comfort Experience ``Influences``

    Our “Best Seller”, which shows how Portugal discovers the world and is also the one we recommend as the most “out of the box” menu, expressing emotions at every moment of your meal.

    Full menu including Portuguese wines and natural juices.

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