WEDE brings you the opportunity to have Chez Sónia in your home. Her proposal is to bring you the freshest, most local and seasonal products that the Azores have to offer. The Chef portrays Azorean products as true gastronomic pearls in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

What Chez Sónia says:

“Chez Sónia is the result of the passion for gastronomy of the self-taught Chef Sónia Melo, born in Lisbon, but who lives in the Azores – Portugal.

It all started as a way to share culinary experiences, talk about food, try new delicacies and put the taste buds to the test. Today our Chez Sónia project is much more than that.

Through self-growth and learning, Chez Sónia now shares continuous culinary knowledge, betting on a simple, practical and economical way of cooking, no less traditional or delicious, focusing on Portuguese products and recipes, giving it its personal touch.

Chez Sónia offers a Private Chef service, providing unique meals that stand out for the quality of the food prepared and the freshness of the ingredients chosen. This is a service that aims to offer a unique gastronomic experience to our customers in a welcoming, relaxing and inviting environment.

We focus on offering only the best for the customer, using the freshest ingredients, always prioritizing what is local and seasonal.

Always keeping traditional Portuguese cuisine at the center of all the dishes created, we excel in the creativity behind each dish, giving my personal touch, also exploring a fusion with international cuisine and always according to the customer’s taste.

Our Passion: to serve my customers the best and always serve from the heart, because my soul is filled when the customer has a smile that is not shown: sit down.”

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    Awards and Distinctions

    Best Private Chef 2022

    (Restaurant & Bar Awards – Lux Life Magazine)

    Best Private Chef 2023 + Most Memorable Private Dining Experience 2023

    (Restaurant & Bar Awards – Lux Life Magazine)

    Member of the Confraria dos Gastronomos dos Açores – since October 2022

    what we need to know

    We need to know if you have any food intolerances such as allergies and other preferences to make your meal memorable.

    Chef's Proposal

    We always keep traditional Portuguese cuisine at the center of all the dishes created and we strive for creativity behind each dish, giving a personal touch, also exploring a fusion with international cuisine.

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    Sónia Cristina de Sousa Melo, born in Lisbon on the 29th of November 1978 and from the Azores for 13 years. Manager of her own home and self-taught who loves gastronomy.

    He uses the famous phrase “Nothing happens by chance” as his life motto.
    He followed several paths until he reached his passion for cooking, which was discovered out of necessity.

    16 years ago, just for fun, the blog Chez Sónia was born. It was a simple cooking blog, where all her culinary experiences were reported. This blog was born due to the growing need to pass on all the information acquired. Because Sónia Melo didn’t know how to cook… let her husband prove it!

    The curiosity to do workshops began, showcookings and public and private events followed and the blog grew and became something more important: a website. It’s not a special website, it’s your special database, where you put the most diverse experiences, for sharing knowledge, for constant learning, to report this whole gastronomic journey. A simple, practical, economical and full of flavor cuisine!

    This was followed by the press (television and magazines/newspapers) with interviews on various topics and the weekly cooking section “Cozinha em Casa”, integrated in the program Açores Hoje, on RTP Açores.
    A lover of the simplest things in life, cooking took a very special place in his heart. Each day is a lesson in life and culinary enrichment.
    He loves exchanging culinary experiences, talking for hours about food and tasting new delicacies. “Putting our taste buds to the test is transcendent!”

    At the moment he dedicates himself almost exclusively to Private Chef services working directly with Tourism, for Local Accommodations but also for the Azorean people.