WEDE brings you the opportunity to have Bartender Niguiri at your event.

Surprise your friends and guests with the originality of Niguiri.

What Niguiri says:

The history of the word cocktail is diciphered as being able to have a very specific register that I find difficult to go unnoticed.

I specialize in bar service and own a bar in Reguengos de Monsaraz.

In recent years, I have been at various public and private events as a bartender, most recently at the Hotel São Lourenço do Barrocal.

I try to innovate and mark my signature in cocktails and other drinks.

    Love Food | Love Life | Enjoy Moments

    What I promise

    All the cocktails that are prepared have my signature and love on them. The experience that I will offer will be of the greatest freshness of the fruits with the smoothness of the alcohol. Making your guests not drink to forget, but to build new memories is taken as a personal objective. All the products I use are organic. It could be a late-afternoon festive event or an at-home bartender show with several tastings and signatures from me.

    What I propose

    4 signature cocktails can represent a good start for your event, with the preparation and creation of drinks and cocktails with the explanation of each one will certainly be a success, trying to meet the taste of your guests with different flavors and extraordinary combinations.

    What we need to know

    We need to know if you have any food intolerances such as allergies and other preferences to make your meal memorable.

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