WEDE brings you the opportunity to have Chef André in your home. Inglês A sua proposta é levar até si uma verdadeira viagem entre continentes com seus sabores e detalhes únicos. Its proposal is to take you on a true journey between continents with its unique flavors and details.

What Chef André says:

“First of all, my greatest pride, my love for the Alentejo!
What moves me is sharing Portuguese cuisine, but also other cuisines and recipes. On my journey I have already cooked all over the country where I learned stories, recipes and secrets in each Portuguese province, I have also received and cooked for people from more than 25 countries, an incredible experience that made me share our gastronomic reality but also learn a lot about other cultures. I’m a host by nature and I like to make dinner a relaxed experience that goes beyond the food!
A personalized service tailored to the taste of those who receive me!
Both traditional recipes and signature cuisine inspired by national and international cuisine.”

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    Creativity and flavors

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    What represents

    The gastronomic experiences that Chef André provides are varied and therefore adaptable to most situations.

    Creative and passionate about cooking, he seeks to innovate in all his dishes.

    what we need to know

    We need to know if you have any food intolerances such as allergies and other preferences to make your meal memorable.

    Chef's Proposal

    I will cook and serve the meal, in a total of 5 hours, from start to finish, where guests can watch the process if they wish.

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