WEDE’s vision and what lies ahead

Already in development, WEDE will soon be present in the Metaverse World and will give the possibility of payment in cryptocurrencies.

The Metaverse World: how do we do it?

Through animations and three-dimensional simulations, the user, after creating his avatar, can visit adjoining stores, see products, get various information about services, and interact with the store by traveling and getting to know the adjoining stores and restaurants in detail.

At the same time, the user can also buy products that will be delivered to their home by WEDE Partners (couriers), thus turning a virtual experience into a lived reality.

The user will also have the possibility to get to know WEDE Chefs and Events in a closer way, and can even attend Show Cooking classes and participate in an event organized by the artists present at METAWEDE.


Products or services purchased on METAWEDE are automatically turned into NFT and these NFT can be of various types:

  • Discount on a next purchase
  • Review about the product or service that NFT represents
  • Book a meal with products previously purchased as NFT
  • Among others that we will soon reveal

Cryptocurrency Payments

Using cryptocurrencies to obtain services is something that will soon be available. By creating a crypto account, the user can process payments in an innovative way with full confidentiality.

Since the WEDE APP is evolutionary, it will allow us to increase the network of stores and restaurants that will also be present in METAWEDE, thus projecting the world of e-commerce to a level never before seen in a mobile application.