Last updated on: October 20, 2021

These general terms of use and legal information (hereinafter referred to as «General Terms») apply to the website of Wedeli, Lda (hereinafter referred to as «WEDE»), whose domain is, and to the mobile application related website, as well as any of its related websites or websites linked from by WEDE, as well as its affiliated and associated companies, as set out in Annex I, including the websites of WEDE in mainland Portugal and islands (hereinafter and collectively the «website»). The website belongs to WEDE. By using the website, you expressly accept and agree with these terms of use. If you do not agree, we ask that you refrain from using it.. WEDE hereby makes available the WEDE website and mobile application (hereinafter, together, the “Platform”) to users (hereinafter referred to as “User” or “Users”). In accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, the following identification data of the owner of the website are made available below:
Company: Wedeli, Lda
Headquarters: Rua da Importação Militar 16 7100-527 Estremoz
Registration data in the commercial register: Conservatória do Registo Comercial Lisbon with number PT17423/2021
Tax Identification Number (NIF): 516437720

  1. Object
    WEDE is a technology company whose main activity is the development and management of a technological platform through which certain local establishments, located in various territories, can offer their products and/or through a mobile or web application on the platform (hereinafter «APP») and, on an ancillary basis, when applicable and if so requested through the APP by APP users and customers of said establishments, act as an intermediary in the planned or immediate delivery of the products. WEDE has developed a Platform through which a group of merchants, with whom WEDE can establish a commercial agreement for the use of the platform, offer a selection of products and/or services. Users can request the purchase and/or collection of products and services from these merchants in person through a mandate given by them to a third party when they place an order through the Platform. In these cases, WEDE
    acts as a mere intermediary and cannot therefore assume any responsibility for the
    quality of the products or the satisfactory execution of the services provided directly by the
    merchants or by such third parties. Additionally, WEDE is a Technology company of various categories of intermediation in contracting services «on-demand» at a distance, by electronic means. The objective is to make it easier for anyone who needs help with their tasks, services, face-to-face purchases and/or collection of products from local merchants (hereinafter “Users”) to carry out the same, delegating to certain third parties, willing to carry out voluntarily the mandate that they
    is checked by the Users (hereinafter “Agents”).

The Trustees are therefore a network of independent professionals who collaborate with WEDE. When they intend to offer their services, they connect to the WEDE Platforms and assume the obligation to perform, within a certain period of time, the service entrusted to them by the User through the aforementioned mandate. In this way, WEDE cannot be held responsible for delivery times, since they will depend on successful practices, on the preparation of requests from local establishments, from the Agents themselves and on the information provided by Users when submitting the request, as well as the their availability and response time upon delivery. For this purpose, the delivery times shown on the website are merely indicative.
WEDE hereby confirms that it has obtained the necessary licenses to carry out its commercial activities in mainland Portugal and the islands.
Throughout these General Terms of Use, both Users and Agents will be referred to as Users of the Platform.

  1. Terms of Use
    By accessing the Platform and voluntarily creating a profile, all Users, expressly and unequivocally, declare to know and accept the content of these General Terms of Use and Contracting, as well as the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
  2. User Access and Registration
    To be a User of the Platform, it is essential that you meet the following requirements:
    – Users must be at least 18 years old.
    – Users must truthfully fill in the mandatory fields of the
    registration form relating to personal data such as User name, address
    e-mail address, telephone number and bank card number.
    – Users must accept these General Terms of Use and Contract.
    – Users must accept the Privacy and Data Protection Policy.
    – Users must accept the Cookies Policy.
    The User guarantees that all data relating to their identity and legitimacy, made available to WEDE in the Platform’s registration form, are true, accurate and complete. Additionally, users assume the obligation to keep their data up to date.
    If a User provides false, inaccurate or incomplete information, or if WEDE considers that there are good reasons to doubt the veracity, accuracy or completeness of such information, WEDE may deny that User access and use, present or future, of the Platform or its contents and/or services.
    When providing their data and registering on the Platform, Users must modify the password created by the platform integrator. Both the username (usually the e-mail address) and the password are strictly confidential, personal and non-transferable. In order to increase account security, WEDE recommends that
    Users do not use the same login credentials they use on other platforms.
    If the User uses the same login credentials that he uses on other platforms, WEDE cannot guarantee the security of the account or that the User is the only person to log in to his profile.

Users undertake not to disclose their account data or to allow third parties to access it. Users will be exclusively responsible for any use of this data or the services of the Websites that may be made by third parties, including any declarations and / or contents made available on the Platform or for any other action carried out using their username and / or password. Users will be the sole owners of the content they introduce on the Platform.
Additionally, by registering on the Platform and by agreeing to these Terms, the User grants WEDE, in relation to the content that it may make available, a worldwide, irrevocable, transferable and free license, with the right to sublicense, use, copy , modify, produce derivative works, distribute, publicize and exploit, in any way that WEDE deems appropriate, with or without the need for further communication to the User and without WEDE having to pay any amount for such uses.
WEDE cannot guarantee the identity of registered Users, and therefore will not be responsible for the use of a User’s identity by unregistered third parties. Users assume the obligation to inform WEDE immediately if their access data is stolen, disclosed or lost, using the communication channels made available by WEDE for this purpose.
3.1 Profile
In order to complete the registration on the Platform, Users must provide some data, such as e-mail address, telephone number, bank account data, among others. Once the registration process is completed, all Users will be able to access their profile and complete or edit the profile as they deem appropriate. WEDE does not store users’ payment data, which will be processed and stored by the payment service provider, as described in these Terms and Privacy Policy.
3.2. Credit Card Theft or Appropriation
Since WEDE cannot guarantee the identity of registered users, Users are obliged to inform WEDE if they have evidence that the credit card or IBAN associated with their WEDE profile has been stolen and/or is being used in an inappropriate manner. fraudulent by third parties. In this way, and since WEDE and its payment platform are proactive in protecting Users, through the use of appropriate security measures, if a User does not inform WEDE of the missing card, WEDE will not be responsible for any fraudulent use of the same that may be made by third parties with the User’s account. WEDE recommends that Users report any theft, theft or suspected misuse of their credit card and/or IBAN to the police. If necessary, WEDE undertakes to cooperate with Users and the competent authorities, as may be necessary to provide reliable evidence of the amount unduly charged. In case of fraud, WEDE reserves the right to take any appropriate measures if it has been harmed by the misuse of the website.

  1. Operation of the Service. Terms of Mandate.
    When a User who is registered as a User needs help with a task, he/she must go to the online platform or the relevant WEDE application and request said service using those same electronic means. The basic courier service involves the collection and subsequent delivery of a product from and to an address defined by the agent and WEDE customer, provided that both are within the territory in which WEDE operates. In order to facilitate direct contact with the Agent, and in case of verification of any incident in the processing of the order, or in order to inform any change thereto, WEDE provides Users with an internal chat system or through the menu « help» that allows direct and immediate contact between the User, the Agent and the WEDE Administration during the execution of the order. The chat session will be deactivated as soon as the User receives the product or the order is canceled for any of the foreseen reasons. If a User wishes to contact the Agent or WEDE once the order has been completed, they must use the contact form available on the Platform and contact customer service. The User exempts WEDE and the Agent from liability resulting from negligence or error in the information provided by the User, on his behalf, of the ordered product. Thus, the User assumes the costs resulting from the provision of incorrect indications on the Platform related to the products (such as an incorrect address or product). If the User is not at the agreed place for delivery, the Agent must keep the product for 24 hours, or for 5 minutes in the case of perishable products. Additionally, the User must bear 100% of the costs of the basic courier service, as well as the price of the product, if it has been purchased or ordered by the Agent at the Customer’s request. You must also pay for a new order, in order to receive the products that have not been delivered. The Agent will under no circumstances be responsible for the deterioration or the expiry of the shelf life of the product to which the order relates. Once the order has been completed, the Agent must provide the User with a paper receipt and/or send it by email. If the object of the order is the mere delivery of a product, the Agent must deliver it to the User at the exact time and place as indicated by the latter. This is without prejudice to the electronic receipt for the order, which the User will receive at the email address associated with their account. If the User receives confirmation that the order has been executed without having ratified the mandate, personally or through an authorized third party, he must inform WEDE immediately so that the Platform can take the appropriate measures. WEDE reserves the right to consult any communications made by the User, for verification and monitoring purposes. FOOD / PACKAGED PRODUCTS: WEDE recommends that Users, when ordering food products under mandate, ask the Agent and/or the establishment selling the products, using the means available on the Platform, for information on the content and composition of the food products ordered. Furthermore, WEDE is not responsible for ensuring that food orders are delivered to Users in duly closed bags, which ideally should be properly labeled or sealed, accompanied by the discharge document.
  1. Return of non-perishable products
    If a User intends to return a non-perishable product or file a complaint about the provision of a service, without prejudice to WEDE’s ability to take responsibility for the same, the party with final responsibility will always be the merchant where the purchase was made. If the User obtains a refund of the purchase price, the merchant will not be able to decide how it will be paid, regardless of whether WEDE may pay the refund on behalf of the local merchant. Thus, the return of a non-perishable product purchased by the Agent under the terms of the mandate given by the User is always subject to the merchant’s Return policy. As certain establishments may not have facilities open to the public, Users will not be able to access them to handle any complaints or returns. In such cases, they should contact WEDE’s user support service through the contact or “help” forms, in order to obtain the necessary help and support, using the channels available on the Platform. If a User wishes to return a non-perishable product because it does not correspond to the order placed on the platform, they must attach a photograph of the entire order, together with a list of the incorrect or undelivered products, as well as other elements demonstrating the unsuitability of the ordered product. The User must verify the non-perishable products delivered by the Agent at the delivery address, before concluding the delivery and, where appropriate, ratify the mandate. Through said completion of the customer’s order, the User confirms and ratifies the mandate. Additionally, the User declares that a third party may ratify the mandate on their behalf, if, for example, the User is not at the final delivery address or has designated a third party for collection, when appropriate. The User (and/or said third party) is therefore responsible for verifying the suitability of the service provided, as well as, where applicable, for collecting sufficient elements to demonstrate that it was not. In any case, the decision regarding the appropriateness of the return will always remain with the merchant. The User must, therefore, inform WEDE through the means made available by WEDE for this purpose, in the event of a dispute
  1. Price of Services and Billing
    Users can register on the Platform, and use it, free of charge, although this is subject to review by WEDE at any time. Users may have to pay for certain services on the Platform, as provided for in these General Terms and Conditions of Use. The use of the Platform by Representatives and merchants may have an associated cost, depending on the terms agreed between the WEDE platform, the user and the representative. The User will not have to pay for each service ordered by the Platform and for the use thereof, and for courier services or carrying out tasks provided by third parties. The total price of each service may consist of a variable percentage, calculated based on the kilometers travelled, variable collection and delivery fee and the time spent by the Agent, as well as, when applicable. WEDE reserves the right to change the price depending on the distance traveled and/or the time at which the service is provided. In accordance with these Terms, the User will be entitled to know the approximate fee for the service before performing it, unless the User has not specified the collection address. The fee for providing the service may vary in cases of force majeure events beyond WEDE’s control and
    that may imply an increase in this rate. The fee cannot include a gratuity, intended for the Agent or the local establishment.

WEDE reserves the right to change prices on the Platform at any time. Such changes shall take effect immediately after their publication. The User expressly authorizes WEDE to send, by electronic means, to the e-mail provided by the User during the registration process, receipts related to the contracted services and/or invoices generated. If an invoice is required, the User must enter the relevant tax data on the platform before placing the order. If a service is canceled by the User, when there has already been confirmation that the order is already being prepared by the local merchant, and the User has been informed of this, WEDE is entitled to charge the User the fee applicable in each case as well such as the cost of products and services ordered on the WEDE platform. This is without prejudice to the possibility of the User requesting a new service, in order to return the purchased products or to deliver them to another address. In the case of non-perishable products, the User may exercise his right of withdrawal with the merchant who delivered the products. If the User wishes to exercise this right through WEDE, he must request the service again through the “help” menu.
6.1. Payment Platform
Payment for products and/or services made available on the Platform and sold in person at restaurants and/or establishments and delivered to Users on a deferred basis is temporarily carried out by WEDE, which then sends it to the restaurants and/or establishments with which it has in effect a commercial agreement. Associated restaurants and/or establishments authorize WEDE to accept payments on their behalf. The payment of the price of any product (such as food, drinks, etc.) duly made to WEDE, will therefore exempt the User from his obligation to pay said price to the associated restaurants and/or establishments. Likewise, the payment made by the User exempts him from any obligation towards the Agent, since full payment by the Customer exempts him from any obligation he may have towards the restaurants and/or establishments and/or Agents. Payment made by Customers for products and/or services is received on WEDE accounts through an Electronic Money Institution. Electronic Money Institutions are authorized to provide, directly or indirectly, regulated payment services in all
the territories in which WEDE operates and comply with current legislation applicable to payment services for WEDE Platforms. If such institutions are not authorized, WEDE will not accept any responsibility for such lack of authorization or license and the responsibility rests solely and exclusively with the Electronic Money Institutions.
WEDE, through the service provider contracted for these purposes, and with the sole purpose of verifying the means of payment made available, reserves the right, as a fraud prevention measure, to request a pre-authorization of payment of products ordered on the platform. Said pre-authorization must in no case imply payment of the total amount of the order, as this must only occur solely and exclusively after the products are made available to the User, or for the reasons set out in these terms and conditions. In order to offer Users greater support, WEDE should be their first point of contact and accept responsibility for payments made on the Platform. This responsibility includes refunds, returns, cancellations, dispute resolution at an early stage, without prejudice to any measures that may be adopted by WEDE in relation to local merchants, as the only physical sellers of the products ordered by Users.
In accordance with the above, in the event of a dispute, WEDE shall provide the first line of support and shall reimburse the User if it considers this to be appropriate. If a User has a problem with the status of their request, they can contact the WEDE User support service using the means made available to Users on the Platform or WEB page

  1. Price of Products and / or Services Available on the Platform All prices on the Platform include any taxes that may apply depending on the territory from which the User operates and must always be indicated in the currency with legal tender in that same territory. Pursuant to Clause 6 above, the prices applicable to each service will be those published in the
    Platform, subject to the particularities exposed therein and applied automatically in the last phase of the
    hiring process. However, the prices of products sold in restaurants and/or stores displayed on the WEDE Platform cannot be merely indicative. In any case, they must correspond to the products sold in restaurants and/or stores, and will be defined
    exclusively for these. In accordance with the foregoing, the User grants the Agent, through the purchase and delivery requested through the Platform, a mandate to purchase the products in person, on his behalf, for the price set by the merchants. The User may be in direct contact with the Agent while the order is being carried out.
  2. Promotional Codes and/or Other Offers or Discounts or Coupons
    WEDE may unilaterally, at any time, offer credits for use on the Platform or free delivery to certain Users. The User acknowledges and accepts that the credits and free delivery must be used within the maximum period of use mentioned in that same discount from the date on which the credit or free delivery was made available to the User on the Platform. Promotional codes and/or other offers or discounts or coupons made available on
    Platform must be correctly entered before submitting the order. Otherwise,
    will not produce any effect and the User will not be able to benefit from them. Whenever a cancellation is requested by WEDE under the terms of Section 9 below, the User must ensure that the promotional code and/or other offers or discounts or coupons are valid for future use. When the cancellation is at the request of the User, the provisions of Section 9 will apply. WEDE reserves the right to unilaterally cancel promotional codes and/or other offers or discounts if it becomes aware of fraudulent use of them (such as, in particular, the use of a promotional code when the person using it is not the its legitimate recipient, the mass communication of codes or discounts, at the end of the aforementioned period. Furthermore, it reserves the right to impose sanctions on Users in the amount to which WEDE has been harmed as a result of such fraudulent use. WEDE will not be liable if, due to an event of force majeure or other events beyond its control or whose necessity is justified, it is forced to cancel, shorten, extend or change the conditions of the promotions. In particular, WEDE will not be liable if the platform is not available at any time during the promotions period or for a malfunction of the automated promotions system.
  1. Right of Withdrawal and Cancellation of Orders
    Taking into account the nature of the service provided by WEDE, the User is aware that, as soon as the Agent has voluntarily accepted an order, the execution of the mandate for the purchase is considered to have begun, whereby the User will no longer be recognized as right to cancel the service order free of charge. Without prejudice to the above, the cost of cancellation may depend on the following factors:
  • If the restaurant or establishment has already accepted the order and started to prepare it, the
    User the price of the products. The User will be informed of acceptance by the restaurant
    through the Platform and/or by email through the email address indicated by the User.
  • If the User cancels the order after it has been accepted for processing by the Agent,
    Users may be charged a cancellation fee.
  • The user will be informed of the acceptance by the Agent through the Platform. The User
    can view the cost of cancellation on the Platform. can view the cost of cancellation on the Platform.
    agents will contact the User to inform him of the cost of cancellation, if any.
    If the restaurant or establishment and the Agent have already accepted the request for
    processing, the User will pay both the price of the products and the cancellation fee, be
    The total cost of the cancellation will not appear on the User’s screen when pressing the “Cancel” button on the Platform. For certain cities, it may not be possible to view the cost of
    cancellation directly on the Platform. In such cases, the applicable cancellation charges will be
    those established in Annex II of this document. If the User manages to return the product, its value will be refunded to the Customer, who, as mentioned above, the Agent must assume the costs of both services, collection and delivery, as well as the costs of the return service. The return will be subject to the merchant’s returns policy, whereby the User declares to be aware that, in the case of perishable products (for example, food), the product may or may not be
    returned. Consequently, WEDE will be able to charge both the product already purchased by the
    Agent under the terms of the mandate given to him, as well as the cost incurred with the delivery.

If the Customer has incorrectly indicated the address for the delivery of the products, the User may enter a new address at any time, provided that it is in the same location as the original order and that WEDE provides intermediation services there. In that case, the User may be requesting a new service, whereby he agrees to be charged the appropriate amount for the new delivery. If the address is located in a location other than the one originally indicated, it cannot be changed to a new location, whereby the order will be cancelled, with the costs being borne by the Customer in accordance with the provisions of this clause. WEDE reserves the right to cancel an order without having to indicate just cause. In the event of cancellation without just cause on the initiative of WEDE, the User will be entitled to a refund of the amounts paid. WEDE makes official complaint forms available to Users, in the official language of the countries in which WEDE operates, in relation to the services it offers. Users may request the aforementioned forms through the User support service and the option to access them will be sent automatically. The User’s e-mail must specify the exact location from which the order is being made, which must coincide with the
place of execution of the order. In case of doubt, the claim must be submitted from the latter site.

  1. Special Terms of Service for Purchasing Products through WEDE
    The User does not have the option to request, through the Platform, the purchase in person by an Agent of a selection of products and/or services offered by establishments with which WEDE may or may not have a commercial agreement in force. If a User wishes to know the composition and nutritional information of the products available on the Platform, he must contact each establishment directly in order to obtain complete information about the products.
    The User can specify the products to be included in the order using the free text box to include more detailed information or instructions for the Agent who will execute it. By virtue of this, the User will be solely responsible, and it would be the User who, if the situation arose, would be responsible for any incident arising from the nature of the products (for example, the application of sanctions, civil and/or criminal liability, liability financial, etc.). In this regard, Users should be aware that WEDE actively collaborates with the authorities of each country to combat, among other crimes, fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering, terrorism and identity theft. The User is therefore aware that WEDE may communicate their data to public authorities, when requested, in order to prevent and avoid the practice of these or other criminal offenses. The User is aware of, and accepts, that the descriptions, and, when applicable, the price or photographs of the products and/or services available on the Platform, are indicated based on the information and documents made available by the establishments, so WEDE cannot offer any guarantees as to possible inaccuracies in such descriptions, prices and/or photographs. Additionally, the price of the product is subject to slight variations due to changes introduced by the point of sale.

WEDE reserves the right to remove any product from its platform, as well as to modify the content of its information sheets without incurring any type of responsibility.

10.1 Deliveries
WEDE provides Users with a delivery service for products purchased in person by an Agent in certain cities. This request can be made whenever the following conditions are met at the time of collection:
– The service must be in operation at the chosen time.
– The products to be delivered must be found in one of the locations, and within the zone
available, in which WEDE operates.
– The place of destination must be located in the same location as the product.
– The ordered product(s) must not exceed the following dimensions: 40 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm*
– The maximum weight of an order should be approximately 9 kg. The above size and weight are not applicable in the case of vehicles capable of accommodating such volumes.
10.2. Price and Payment Method
The price of the product and/or service must be that indicated by the establishment on the Platform. However, the User is aware that the price of some of the products may vary in real time depending on the stocks available in the establishments listed on the platform, and that the User will not be informed of the final price. As soon as the User is 1,000 meters away from the collection point, the User can contact the Agent who will be there shortly to collect the products/services contracted by the Customer. Any alteration or variation must therefore be communicated by the Agent for the User’s approval before executing the mandate. If the User wishes to include comments regarding the request, he can always directly contact the Agent responsible for executing the mandate. The User cannot pay for products or services in cash or by credit card. WEDE does not keep the card number on its servers and you can only view the last four digits of it. Complete information will be stored on the servers of the payment service provider that makes payments on behalf of WEDE. This in accordance with the terms of the payment platform, set out in Clause 6.1.
10.3. Delivery at Home of Free Samples and Other Commercial Actions WEDE reserves the right to enter into commercial agreements with Establishments, Superstores, Entrepreneurs and others with a view to sending promotional communications, including the sending of free samples at home, together with the order of the User.

  1. WEDE B2B Commerce Platform Service Special Terms
    WEDE can have a platform for sending and delivering products aimed at companies and entrepreneurs. The General Terms of Use and Contract are similar to those mentioned in the terms of use.

Each Order may contain a free text box, so that Users can include relevant comments on their Orders, for the Agent’s clarification. Once the order has been submitted, the Agent will go to the collection point(s) defined by the Agent to deliver the Order(s) as well as its Confirmation on the Platform. In order to collect an Order, the Agent must present the Order Confirmation on the Platform. Finally, the Agent must deliver the Order to the indicated delivery address(es). Users may cancel an Order free of charge until such time as it has been accepted by an Agent. However, if a User cancels an Order that has already been accepted by an Agent, the User must pay 100% of the price for canceling an order in progress. If the Agent arrives at the delivery address and if the recipient of the Order does not appear after 10 (ten) minutes of waiting and trying to make contact, the Agent must return the Order to the initial collection address, and WEDE will be entitled to charge the User the additional costs incurred related to the new service performed.
These additional costs are calculated based on a variable cost that will depend on the number of kilometers traveled to the delivery point and a fixed cost corresponding to returning the order to the address of origin. If a User encounters any problems in submitting a Request, he/she should contact WEDE’s customer support service through the «help» Menu or existing forms.
The WEDE Commercial Platform will be available on the days and times when the platform is active.
The size of packages that can be transported by the User may, under certain circumstances, be subject to restrictions. the Products must be located in the locations where WISE operates, and their collection and delivery points must be located in the same location and in areas served by WEDE.

Order Fee
The Price of each Order will consist of a variable fee (plus any indirect taxes that may be applicable by law) based on the distance traveled (km) (hereinafter the “Fee”) and a variable collection/delivery fee. WEDE reserves the right to change prices depending on the distance involved and/or
the time of day the Order is executed. In accordance with these terms, Users are entitled to be informed of the approximate Fee they will receive for the Order before accepting it. The Fee may vary in the case of force majeure events, beyond WEDE’s control and which may imply an increase in the applicable Fee. WEDE shall also pay the Trustee Fee on behalf of the User. The Fee may also be increased if the User provides further instructions to the Agent, namely requesting to change the collection and/or delivery address or adding addresses to the initial order. Payment for services rendered can be made by the following means:

– Bank transfer where the IBAN and other bank details are the sole responsibility of the User or in special cases in cash.

  1. Alcoholic beverages
    Customers who submit an order that includes the delivery of alcoholic beverages through the platform must be of legal age. This means that they must be at least the age stipulated by the legal legislation applicable in the territory in which the User is submitting the request. By submitting an order that includes alcoholic beverages, the Customer confirms that they are at least the age stipulated by the local legislation applicable in the territory in which the User is carrying out the collection / delivery.
    WEDE reserves the right to refuse the request for the purchase and/or delivery of alcohol to any person who is unable to demonstrate that he/she is at least the age stipulated by the local legislation applicable in the territory in which the User is submitting the order. If the User has doubts about the age of the recipient of the order, he must request the identification document and may object to the delivery of the products and services requested on the WEDE platform, consequently he must inform WEDE through the “help” menu or the chat. This clause will apply in exact terms in relation to any other similar product and/or service requested by a Customer through the Platform which, under the terms of the applicable legislation, is reserved for adults. Likewise, in cases and in locations where the sale and/or delivery of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during a certain time, it will be the User’s responsibility to deliver orders only at times permitted under the terms of the applicable legislation. WEDE reserves the right to refuse orders and/or delivery of alcoholic beverages outside the permitted hours.
  2. Restricted goods delivery policy
    Non-exhaustive list of examples:

    Alcohol and Tobacco Products

The delivery of alcohol and tobacco products may be limited or restricted in certain countries and/or locations in which the Platform operates.

Animals and Regulated Species

Animal parts or fluids; banned seeds, harmful plants, regulated plants or other organisms (including their derivatives) that are threatened, or whose commercialization is regulated by the applicable legislation in each case.

Child Pornography Pornographic materials involving children or content that could be considered erotic pedophilia.

Copyright in Software and Media

Unauthorized copying of copyrighted or licensed books, music, films or other materials, including copies not properly marked as such; as well as unauthorized copies of software, video games and other copyrighted or licensed materials, including OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or other
products that cause the sending of unsolicited messages.

Counterfeiting and unauthorized products

Copies or imitations of designer products or other goods, celebrity goods that require authentication, fake autographs, foreign currency; stamps; tickets; or other unauthorized goods.

Mechanisms or tools to unlock security measures

Modems, chips, or other devices for dismantling technological protection measures as well as digital devices, such as unlocking iPhones.


Controlled substances, narcotics, illegal substances and associated paraphernalia, including psychoactive drugs of plant origin, such as psychedelic mushrooms, as well as material promoting their consumption; or legal substances such as plants and herbs presented in such a way as to suggest that they may be
ingested, inhaled, extracted or used in a manner that has the same effect as an illegal substance, drug or component that or alleged to produce unproven health benefits.

Gambling and Gambling

Lottery tickets, wagers, registration/registrations on online gambling websites, and related content. Permissible advertising materials from land-based casinos.

Products sold in Pharmacy

The delivery of pharmaceutical products may be limited or restricted in certain countries and/or cities in which the Platform operates. Prescription drugs cannot be ordered/delivered. Non-prescription/OTC (over the counter) medicines, auxiliary medical devices, as well as any other hygiene, nutrition or similar products for human use sold in pharmacies are subject to the terms of the mandate given by the User to the Agent and to what the pharmacist deems appropriate.

Hacking and decryption manuals

Manuals, guides, information or equipment that break the law by damaging or fraudulently allowing access to software, servers, websites or other protected property.

Human Body Organs or other parts of the human body, body fluids, stem cells, embryos.

Stolen or illegal goods

Materials, products or information that promote illegal goods or that allow the commission of illegal acts, goods that do not belong to the person trying to sell them or goods that you do not have the right to dispose of, goods produced in violation of the rights of third parties; goods that violate import, export or labeling restrictions; motor vehicles that are subject to transmission restrictions. The User will be solely and exclusively responsible for confirming that all goods are genuine and lawful.

Illicit telecommunications equipment

Devices intended to capture satellite signals without payment, illegal products to modify mobile phones and other equipment.

Offensive Goods Goods, books, products, or other materials that:

– are defamatory of any person or group of people based on their race, ethnic origin or country of origin, religion, gender or any other factor.
– are defamatory of any person or group of persons protected from defamation by applicable law (for example, in some jurisdictions, the royal family).
– that praise or encourage the practice of violent acts.
– promote bigotry or hatred.
– promote or support membership of terrorist groups or other organizations prohibited by law.
– that are contrary to public morals.

Offensive goods related to a criminal practice

Photographs or objects originating from a crime scene, such as personal effects, associated with criminals or criminal practices.

Culturally protected artifacts

Goods covered by the UNESCO Convention on Measures to Prohibit and Prevent the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, 1970, or other goods the sale, export or transmission of which is restricted by law; artefacts and rock complexes (stalactites and stalagmites).

Pyrotechnic devices and dangerous substances that require special authorizations.

Pyrotechnic materials and related products, in markets where their supply is regulated, as well as substances such as gasoline or propane.

Traffic related devices

Radars, license plate covers, illicit traffic modification devices and related products.


Firearms, ammunition and other items, including but not limited to firearms, knives that are not detectable or easily concealed, martial arts weapons, silencers, ammunition or ammunition magazines.

Cash and Foreign Currency Foreign currency or coins indexed to precious metals, as well as banknotes, coins or other securities.

Primary and Secondary Schools/Usage by children

We reserve the right to refuse requests from users who are minors. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse orders at locations close to a primary or secondary school, as well as to ask for sufficient proof of age.

Misuse/Abusive use of the platform

The use of abusive language or attitudes towards our company or independent collaborators will not be tolerated.

  1. Solidarity at WEDE
    WEDE can collaborate with various institutions, business groups and non-governmental organizations in charitable and solidarity projects, donation campaigns and non-profit campaigns in some countries in which it operates (subject to applicability in each country). WEDE acts as an intermediary in organizing these campaigns and projects, based solely on its good faith and its desire to contribute to social initiatives. WEDE accepts no responsibility for the use or the final result of these campaigns. Likewise, it does not provide any security or guarantee, or accept any legal responsibility, or have any control over how donations are used by the aforementioned establishments.
  2. Geolocation
    WEDE may collect, use and share exact location data, including the real-time geographic location of the User’s computer or mobile device, provided that the User is authorized to do so. Said location data may be collected and used by WEDE to show Users the location of the collection point and/or delivery point of an order. In this sense, Users expressly consent to the sharing of their geolocation data with other Users and Providers so that they can successfully execute the request. Users may choose to disable Geolocation on their devices, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Privacy Policy.
    The User will be responsible for the correct entry of the collection and delivery address. In this sense, WEDE is not responsible for errors or omissions in the introduction of said addresses by the User.
  3. User Obligations
    Users are fully responsible for the proper use and access to their profile and other contents of the Platform, in accordance with the legislation in force, national or international, in the country from which they are using the Platform, and also in accordance with the principles of good faith, morals, consecrated customs and public order. In particular, they assume the obligation to diligently comply with these General Terms of Use. Users are responsible for the correct introduction of their usernames and passwords, which are non-transferable and must be sufficiently complex, and for not using the same username and password that they use on other platforms, in order to protect their accounts from fraudulent use by third parties not belonging to the Platform. Users must refrain from using their profile and other contents of the Platform to pursue illicit purposes or achieve results that are likely to harm the rights or interests of third parties, or that may in any way damage, disable, affect or impair the Platform and the its content and services. Additionally, they are prohibited from affecting the normal use and exploitation of the Platform by other Users. WEDE cannot be considered to have editorial responsibility and expressly declares that it does not identify with any of the opinions that may be expressed by Users of the Platform, the consequences of which will be the sole responsibility of their authors. Any person who breaches the above obligations will be liable for any loss or damage caused by him. WEDE will not accept liability for any consequence, loss or damage that may result from such illicit use or access by third parties.. In general, Users undertake, by way of example, without being exhaustive, to:
    – Refrain from altering or modifying the Platform, in whole or in part, circumventing, disabling or otherwise manipulating its functions or services;
    – Refrain from infringing industrial and intellectual property rights or legislation relating to the protection of personal data;
    – Refrain from using the Platform to insult, defame, intimidate or harass other Users or to attack their image; – Refrain from accessing the email accounts of other Users;

– Refrain from introducing computer viruses, corrupted files or any other software that may cause damage or alter the contents or systems of WEDE or third parties;
– Refrain from sending mass and/or recurring emails to a group of people, or from sending the email address of third parties without their consent;
– Refrain from advertising goods or services without the prior consent of WEDE. Any User may report another User if he considers that the latter is infringing these General Terms of Use. Likewise, any User may inform WEDE of any abuse or breach of these terms through the Contact Form. WEDE will verify these complaints as soon as possible and will take any measures it deems appropriate, reserving the right to remove and/or suspend any User from the Platform for violating these General Terms of Use. Furthermore, WEDE reserves the right to remove and/or suspend any message with illicit or offensive content, without the need for prior notice or further notification.

  1. Cancellation of registration by Users
    Users can cancel their registration on the Platform using the Contact Form on the Platform.
  2. WEDE’s responsibility
    Users are responsible for having the services and equipment necessary to browse the Internet and access the Platform. Users may communicate to WEDE any incidents or problems accessing the Platform, using the contact channels made available to them. WEDE will analyze the incident and instruct the User on how to resolve it as quickly as possible. WEDE does not control and is not responsible for the contents uploaded by Users
    through the Platform, who are solely responsible for the legality of said content. WEDE will not be responsible for any service interruption, connection errors, unavailability or failures in the Internet access service, or for any interruption of the Internet network or for any other matter beyond its control. WEDE is not responsible for security errors that may arise or for any damage that may be caused by the User’s computer system (hardware and software), or to the files or documents stored there, which result in:
    – The presence of a virus in the User’s computer system or the mobile device used to access the Platform’s contents and services;
    – The malfunction of the browser;
    – The use of outdated versions of the same;
  3. Responsibility for Content
    WEDE does not control (nor does it have the obligation to control) the way in which Users use the Platform. Therefore, it cannot guarantee that Users use the Platform in accordance with these General Terms of Use or in a diligent and/or prudent manner. WEDE does not verify (nor has the obligation to verify) the identity of Users or the veracity, validity, completeness and/or authenticity of the data provided by them.

WEDE will not verify the products sent or delivered following orders placed on the Platform. Both the User and the Agent hereby exempt WEDE from any liability that may result from the provision and/or transport of products that require specific authorizations or licenses, or of products prohibited under the terms of the applicable legislation, as described (as an example, but non-exhaustive nature) of Clause 15 above. If WEDE becomes aware that the User and/or Agent are using the Platform to transport prohibited products, WEDE may initiate an internal investigation in order to clarify the matter, adopt any legal measure it deems necessary and/or block the User or the Agent until the conclusion of the investigation. The measures available to WEDE include the communication to the authorities of data and information of Users and Agents.
WEDE rejects any responsibility for damages of any nature that may result from the illicit use of the Platform or from the provision of information by Users to other Users regarding their identity that proves to be incorrect, not current, incomplete and/or false and, in particular , and without limitation, for any loss or damage of any nature that may result from a User impersonating a third party in any communication made through the Platform. In particular, WEDE declines any responsibility for the use of the Platform or for any requests that may be submitted by third parties from the User’s account.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, WEDE reserves the right to restrict, in whole or in part, the access of certain Users to the Platform, as well as to cancel, suspend, block or remove certain types of content, using appropriate technological tools, if necessary. knowledge, or there are signs, that the activity or information stored is illegal or that it harms the rights or property of third parties. In this regard, WEDE may define any filters that may be necessary to prevent the use of the Platform to place illegal and harmful content on the Internet. o make content available on the Platform, Users transmit to WEDE all rights to exploit the content som
made available.

  1. 52 / 5.000 Resultados de tradução Resultado da tradução «No Warranty» Clause in Orders or Payments
    WEDE does not provide any guarantees regarding authenticity, accuracy, originality, reliability or non-infringement of third party rights by Agents. In this sense, Users declare that they understand that WEDE is a technological platform whose main activity is intermediation. In other words, it establishes contact between Users and Agents, and therefore does not accept any responsibility for the information provided by the Agent or for any loss or damage that may result from breach of these General Terms of Use. When an order is submitted on the Platform and accepted by the Agent, a direct relationship is established between the User and the Agent. WEDE is not part of this relationship and only makes the Platform available in order to allow the Parties to communicate and submit as many requests as necessary. WEDE will therefore never be responsible for the availability of Agents or for the adequate and satisfactory execution of their missions.
    WEDE does not provide any guarantees or confirmations regarding any of the Agents or their identity or background information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, WEDE may carry out additional controls and put in place procedures designed to help confirm or verify the identity of Representatives. In this regard, when a User obtains the status of Agent, this only indicates that that same User has completed the applicable registration process and that he has accepted these General Terms of Use, as well as any other specific conditions that may apply to him. Obtaining this status does not imply certification or approval by WEDE of the reliability, suitability and/or security of that User.

WEDE therefore recommends that Users use common sense and be attentive when delegating a mission to a specific Agent. By becoming members of the Platform, Users accept that any legal liability they wish to exercise due to actions or omissions of others
Users of the Platform or third parties will be limited to those Users or third parties, and that no action of responsibility can be brought against WEDE.

  1. Platform Updates and Modifications
    WEDE reserves the right to change these General Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy at any time and without prior notice. Users must carefully read these General Terms when accessing the Platform. In any case, acceptance of the General Terms is a prior and necessary step to access the services and content provided by the WEDE Platform. Additionally, WEDE reserves the right to update, change or delete the information made available on its Platform, at any time and without prior notice, regarding the configuration, presentation and conditions of access, without this being in any way
    responsible. WEDE does not guarantee the absence of errors or interruptions in accessing the Platform
    Notwithstanding the above, WEDE, except in cases where this proves to be difficult or impossible, will take all measures to correct such errors, restore communications and update content as soon as it becomes aware of the errors or disconnections or the existence of outdated content.
  2. Intellectual property
    WEDE is the owner or licensee of all intellectual or industrial property rights included in the Platform, as well as the contents that can be accessed through it. The intellectual property rights of the Platform, as well as the text, images, graphic design, navigation structure, information and content included therein, are owned by WEDE, which holds the exclusive right to exercise the associated exploitation rights in any way it sees fit, in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, publication and transformation, in accordance with Portuguese legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights. Despite the foregoing, WEDE may not be the owner or holder of content such as names or images, among others, of companies with which WEDE does not have a commercial partnership. In such cases, WEDE acquires content from publicly available sources, whereby WEDE must under no circumstances be considered related to any right belonging to WEDE. Authorizing a User to access the Platform does not imply any waiver, transmission, license granting, total or partial assignment by WEDE of any intellectual or industrial property rights. It is forbidden to erase, circumvent or manipulate the contents of the WEDE Platforms. Additionally, it is not allowed to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, reproduce, publicly communicate, make second copies or subsequent copies, make files available, send by postal means, transmit, use, treat or distribute in any way all or part of the contents included in the WEDE Platform, for public or commercial purposes, unless express written consent is obtained from WEDE or its management, and, where applicable, from the owners of the rights in question.

Any user who shares any content of any nature through the Platform declares that he or she has the necessary rights to do so, exempting WEDE from any responsibility related to the content and legality of the information made available. By making content available through the Platform, Users transmit to WEDE, free of charge and, to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, the rights to exploit the intellectual or industrial property rights resulting from such content.

  1. Divisibility
    If any of the clauses of these General Terms is considered null or voidable by law, that clause will be considered as not forming part of them. Such declaration of nullity will not imply the invalidity of the remaining clauses, which shall remain valid and applicable between the Parties.
  2. Applicable Law
    The relationship between WEDE and the User will be governed and interpreted in accordance with these General Terms, whose interpretation, validity and execution will be governed by Portuguese legislation and any dispute must be submitted to the Portuguese Courts.