What you can do with WEDE?

You can order products from local restaurants and stores, choose a Chef to cook in your home, in a themed environment with musicians and other artists of your choice. Find everything you need.


Browse easily

We simplify the way you order or schedule the delivery of products from restaurants and stores in just a few steps.


Order what you want, whenever you want.

Just as to be available to receive immediately, create a schedule to receive later or in the following days. You choose and we speed it up.


Fast deliveries

We value speed delivering. Order what you need, wherever you are. We collect and deliver accurately, whether to your home or GPS point.


A Chef in your home

It could be a renowned Chef, a typical Portuguese cuisine Chef or your favorite Chef, if is on Wede it can goes to your home.


We create your event

In the events area you can find everything from artists and musicians with varied proposals to a decorative solution for your party. We create memorable experiences tailored to you.


Our partners choose

WEDE partners choose who they want to make their deliveries. They can choose WEDE couriers or their own employees.

For deliveries at home, in the garden of your restaurant or hotel, you can have a simple management of your customers’ orders, showing a description.

We are growing up

Currently in Alcácer do Sal, Évora, Montemor-o-Novo, soon in Almada, Seixal and Porto. Luanda (Angola) will be a reality in 2024

We have improved the quality of home delivery services and provided access to another world of services.

Chefs at your home

Would you like to welcome a Chef to cook in your home?
Know WEDE Chefs, see their portfolios and make your reservation.

World cuisine or signature cuisine, it’s all here.

We create your event

We provide unique and memorable experiences.

With WEDE Event’s you can hire services for your home, starting to musicians and other artists to the smallest detail of themed decoration.

Your imagination rules, an opera singer, a professional DJ, a fado singer or any other entertainment, it’s all here.

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